Q: How do I join BeeRoll?

A: If you are an iPhone user, you can download our app in the Apple iTunes store (it’s free!). Click here for the link

If you are an Android user, you can visit our Android page (click here) for more information on how to work with BeeRoll

Q: I downloaded the BeeRoll app. What’s next?

A: We will email you about relevant campaigns! You can also browse our app and click ‘Join Campaign’ when you see a campaign you’d like to participate in. Then our team will review your profile and make sure there is a spot available for you! If so, we will email you with next steps.

Q: What if I do not own the product mentioned in a BeeRoll campaign?

A: No worries! When products are required for a campaign, we either ship them to you for free or we reimburse you if you buy it yourself! 

Simply opt-in on our app for campaigns you are interested in and we'll let you know if there are spots available and email you with next steps :)

Q: Do I have to edit my own videos?

A: Nope! That’s the magic of BeeRoll. You’d simply follow the filming instructions, and upload your raw clips straight into our app. From there, our editing team splices everything to make one complete video for you.

Q: Can I film on my phone?

A: Yep! In fact, you can film directly in our app using your iPhone.