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About this campaign

BeeRoll partners with brands who are looking for authentic video content. We make it easy and fun for you to make short clips featuring the brands and products you love.

We’re excited to be promoting Proctor & Gamble and Big Lots.

  • Visit one of these Big Lots stores three times over the span of a few months

  • Each time you visit, you will film a video following our instructions

  • You will upload your raw, unedited files into the BeeRoll app; we will edit your clips together to make one complete video

  • We will send you back the completed video once it’s approved by the client. Then you will post each video to your Instagram feed and story (a total of 3 big lots visits and 3 videos; each video to be posted once to your IG feed + story)

If you’d like to participate in this campaign, please click the button below to register so we can make sure your rate is in budget!

How it works

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Check out BeeRoll in action